Our project

Our company is fully funded and we trade on our own account, or for closely related companies.

Our founder has more than twenty years or experience in finance, and has set up one of Europe’s most successful quantitative asset management groups, Paris-based ABC Arbitrage. This allows us to benefit from both a valuable experience in quantitative investment techniques and a strong capital base.

This capital base and the fact that we do not, at this stage, manage other clients’ funds allow us to have rare and valuable flexibility, reactivity and freedom in our asset management approach. Gamma Asset Management highly values creativity while emphasizing strict qualitative and quantitative risk management.

We have the ambition in the coming years to significantly develop our knowledge and our track-record in different markets and trading strategies. Human capital is the main asset to grow such a business. Developing it and recruiting the right person at the right place is crucial to us.

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Our roots

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Our values

As a young and growing asset management company, we are constantly seeking for outstanding talents from different backgrounds and cultures.

A rational approach to finance is our key value.

We offer prospective and responsibilities, in an attractive environment, for those who are willing to take part in a financial adventure and grow with us.

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  • Excellence

    We constantly strive for excellence, confronting challenges methodically.

  • Scientific reasoning

    Our Company is an engineer’s company and the scientific method is our way to find solutions.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    We are looking for people who are willing to investigate and follow unexplored paths.

  • Autonomy

    We encourage our employees to take responsibility on their business scope. Gamma can offer a clear and fast path to career growth

Meet some of our team

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Our founder

Strategic Thinking
We can count on the expertise and extensive experience of our founder. His consulting company is our acting President.
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Head of Investment Strategy

Head of Investment Strategy / Senior Portfolio Manager
Our Head of Investment Strategy / Senior Portfolio Manager has an Engineering degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, a MSc in Financial Mathematics and a MSc in Finance from leading French Grandes Ecoles. He has an extensive experience on financial markets

Implementing Strategies

We also place great emphasis on real world experience on financial markets, combined with great analytical capabilities.

Quantitative research

Our team of Quants is widely open to profiles coming from the academic world. As a typical example, a key member of our team is a science PhD specialized in the treatment of Signal, with an extensive experience in research, while being also an engineer.


Back and Middle office support, and a strong legal team, are of tremendous importance to our success.


Luxembourg is the second largest investment fund centre in the world after the United States with more than €3.5 trillion in assets under management as of December 2015.
860 fund promoters from over 50 countries are domiciling funds in Luxembourg and distributing them worldwide. Luxembourg is home to more than 140 banks.
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and in particular its capital, offers a truly cosmopolitan environment. Out of a population of some 511,000, 43% are foreign residents while no less than 60% of residents in Luxembourg City come from 143 different countries.


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